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2018 World Medical Tourism Online Conference

2018 World Medical Tourism Online Conference

Conference Date:May 25-27, 2018
Conference Language: English
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Equipments: computer, laptop, ipad, surface, or smart phone

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On behalf of the organizing committee of VIP World Medical, an international healthcare consulting & medical tourism organization, we are proud to announce that 2018 World Medical Tourism Online Conference will be held on May 25-27, 2018. Major specialties will include: Cancer or Oncology; Cardiac Surgery; Eye Surgery; Neurology; Organ Transplant; Orthopedic Care; Cosmetic Surgery; Dentistry; Obesity Surgery; Sport Medicine; Gynecology Procedures; General Surgery; In Vitro Fertilization; Reconstructive Surgery; Anti-aging; and many more…
Participates join the conference for totally free. Computer (including laptop, ipad, smart phone, etc) and internet connection are required. Do not need any special equipment or software. All the attendees just connect to the online conference's server to participate in real time. They can participate from their home or office depending on their convenience, which will save them the trouble of traveling and in utilizing their time optimally.
All presentations and discussions happen in real time. Importantly, they save the participants the hassle of travel; help them use their valuable time effectively and save money. Participants can ask questions, discuss problems, and exchange their ideas using an online platform. The conference presents them the ultimate opportunity to discuss their proposals and initiatives with global experts, something that perhaps would not have been possible using other methods of communication or correspondence.
Medical tourists, patients, hospitals, medical professionals, and other medical tourism related people can enjoy many benefits by participating in the 2018 World Medical Tourism Online Conference. Medical tourists can know, learn and follow up on major developments taking place in the areas of interest. Patients can have the rare privilege of meeting the best international physicians and medical staff from world-renowned hospitals in real time. You can have that much-needed opportunity of networking and exchanging views with the professionals directly.
VIP World Medical is an international healthcare consulting & medical tourism organization to provide one stop & personalized solutions for patients worldwide. VIP World Medical has collaborated with world-class hospitals and medical experts to provide patients the concierge service for their medical tourism, including renowned specialist recommendation (depending on the health needs), renowned hospital referral services, transportation, translation, accompanying, and the entire follow-up medical services to ensure medical quality and speed.
With the persistent efforts, VIP World Medical has achieved a well-respected reputation among the patients and within medical communities, based on the quality of hospitals, physicians and medical programs, as well as excellent patient experience.
Furthermore, VIP World Medical also provides hospitals, physicians, patients with a strong communication platform for international exchange and sharing of international medical resources to promote and improve the level of medical health care.
The detailed program, including speakers, agenda, etc. will be updated later.
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