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Infinity Clinic
Address:  1, Olympic Street, Ozdorovchy Quarter, Khodosiyivka, Kyivo-Svyatoshynsky District, Kyiv Oblast 08173
Country:  Ukraine
Languages Spoken:  English, Arab, German, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian
International Patients:  Accept
Translator Available:  Yes
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Infinity Clinic, a luxury and modern center for preventive medicine and regenerative stem cell therapy clinic, welcomes you in the serene and scenic suburb of Kyiv, away from the noise and crowds of the busy national capital and still close to all its splendor and chic.  For over 15 years, our high-class professionals and experts in different fields have been advancing our fetal progenitor cell therapy internationally to offer you the cream of the crop.

In collaboration with the leading R&D institutions of , our founders initiated and conducted the unique large-scale research and clinical trials in all the existing disease models. The results were surprising and very promising, and the efforts of the team were crowned by many discoveries, among which

• The famous Stem Spaces Depletion Theory, or Theory of Aging and Age-Related Diseases, proving that natural body rejuvenation is only possible through administration of allogenic fetal stem cells in high doses with simultaneous  immune system reprogramming.

• Evidence-based determination of the optimal ages of the fetal pluripotent progenitor cells to be used for treatment of different diseases and conditions.

• Development of the unique Immunologic Tolerance Induction Method ensuring successful and lasting engraftment of the allogenic fetal pluripotent progenitor cells.

Discoveries and results were duly recorded and summarized in the book Stem Cells: Experiments, Theory and Practice published in 2004.  It is the guidelines for those wishing to immerse into the world of stem cell science and use it for the benefit of mankind.

Infinity Clinic is proud to be the only stem cell facility in the world applying its own evidence-based, unique and effective anti-aging and therapeutic methods ensuring lasting engraftment of allogenic fetal pluripotent progenitor cells which is the key to stem cell transplantation success, which means outstanding clinical results and improvements in different diseases and conditions including those that cannot be helped by routine methods. Fetal pluripotent progenitor cells are the most powerful and effective of all the safe stem cell types and they extend the horizons of what can be done for the patient.  They offer hope to many people, hope for longer and higher quality life.

Infinity Clinic offers the world’s largest variety of fetal pluripotent progenitor cell types and fetal tissue extracts, adding to stem cell effects – 30 types of fetal progenitor cells and 30 types of fetal tissue extracts. Our specialists developed harvesting and preservation methods for some cell types that are unavailable in other centers, including unique fetal placenta extract.

In-house process of safety testing, cell processing, their storage and application guarantees very high viability of fetal pluripotent progenitor cells, thus excellent quality of stem cell transplants.

Infinity Clinic medical team consists of highly professional physicians with scientific degrees, extensive experience in different fields of medical science, and more than 10-year experience in fetal pluripotent progenitor cell therapy, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Methods of stem cell therapy offered at the Infinity Clinic are approved, patented, and the Clinic itself is fully licensed by the national government.

Infinity Clinic is where it feels like you are having vacation at the resort as the most valued guest rather than undergoing medical procedures. Quiet location in the guarded area, beautiful scenery, exquisite design of the Clinic, and “from-the-heart” service of the Infinity Team is what you will find here as a complement to the customized fetal progenitor cell treatment program offering you the optimal combination of fetal pluripotent progenitor cell types and fetal tissue extracts for your health issues, major and minor, and this combination will be unique in many ways. Professional massage, SPA, gym, beech, walks outside in the fresh air, indoor and outdoor sports will not let you and your family or friends accompanying you to get bored.  There are things to do and to enjoy for all ages.

We exert all efforts to deliver high class and effective treatment exceeding expectations of our patients.  

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