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Medical Tourism in Bulgaria
Address:  Sofia and Major Cities in Bulgaria
Country:  Bulgaria
Languages Spoken:  English, German, Russian, Arabic etc.
International Patients:  Accept
Translator Available:  Yes
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Bulgaria's major claim to fame as a healthcare tourism destination is the proliferation of high quality, low cost private clinics for medical treatments, cosmetic surgery and dentistry.

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since 2007. The laws of the EU and the rules of good medical practice are the basis for the daily work of all medical staff of the hospitals. Both the government and private healthcare institutions are conducting strict implementation of quality, technical and medical standards. These factors are constantly monitored by independent watchdogs set by the Ministry of Health. The MOH, together with an Independent Bulgarian Medical Associations sets the local standards and guidelines that are followed by hospitals, healthcare facilities and medical practitioners.

All medical providers we are working with in have English-speaking doctors and medical staff that are certified by the Bulgarian Medical Association as well as being members of organizations according to their specializations.

Bulgaria's medical tourism offers high quality facilities for medical, spas, thermal and wellness services and adds five-star hotel accommodation into the package.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Health owns and operates roundly 55% of 's more than 200 hospitals. The rest are owned by universities, private companies and foreign entities. Some hospitals have local and international accreditation including the JCI (Joint Commissions International), the JACHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and affiliations with Western medical groups and facilities.

Our team consists of medical consultants with various specialties, medical experts, tour operators and organizers of different activities.

Our strong point is our medical team which consists of medical doctors who give consultations and recommend who are the best specialists for every individual case.

Contacting our company the patients have the chance to contact directly a medical doctor and have his professional opinion in order to take their own decision what to do.

We take care of all organizational aspects of medical travel.

We help patients in the organization of their trip and treatment together with the program of their accompany person.

Our main goal is to offer quality medical services, based on the medical condition of the patient, offering the best place for treatment in or abroad.

Translation of medical documentation of the patient in Bulgarian language before submission to the doctors.

Our team of medical consultants review the documents of every single patient and refer him/her at the appropriate specialist.

Contact with the hospital for preliminary cost estimate.

Patient registration in the hospital and arrangement of hospitalization or program for check-up without long waiting.

Help with choice of accommodation.

Airport transfer.

Ground transportation – upon request and is paid additionally.

Interpreting and accompanying – when necessary. We usually accompany our patients the first day when they are admitted in the hospital or if the patient comes just for check-up we accompany him during the check-up.

Translation of medical report in English after hospital discharge or after check-up and sending it to the patient by e-mail. (Translation in English language of documents is made by our company team and if the patient needs original documentation by courier the courier service is paid by the patient.

Organization, coordination and logistics of the whole process.

Constant contact with the hospital concerning patient condition.

Arranging contact with tour agents for sightseeing or country tours.

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